Our People


Alex, Danielle Associate610.964.6388
Alexander, Tiffany M. Shareholder 610.964.6385
Angeloni, John Associate610.964.6399
Apjohn, Eric M.Associate617.241.3027
Arber, Brandon Associate617.241.3015
Armiger, Jason Associate617.241.3026
Boston, Robert L.Associate617.241.3011
Campbell, James M. Shareholder 617.241.3060
Campbell, Richard L. Shareholder 617.241.3083
Campbell, Richard P. Shareholder 617.241.3061
Chang, Diana A.Associate617.241.3024
Chuang, Lesley Associate617-241-3055
Conroy, William J. Shareholder 610.964.6380
Feldman, Andrew C.Associate617.241.3091
Guilfoyle, Kathleen M. Shareholder 617.241.3109
Hickey, Sean Associate617.241.3035
Hinchey, Thomas M. Shareholder 610.964.6382
Howe, Christopher R.Associate617.241.3029
Ingram, Lynne O'BrienAssociate610.727.5027
Keenan, Trevor J. Shareholder 617.241.3069
Klebanoff, Lynda Associate610.727.5021
Lantry, Jacob Associate617.241.3086
Larson, Adam A. Shareholder 617.241.3036
Lu, Tony K.Associate617.241.3105
Luke, Alicia SAssociate610.727.5016
Mavros, Christopher G.Associate610.727.5024
McElvaine, Bryan D. Shareholder 856.251.3321
Mitchell (Catanach), Angela M.Associate610.727.5031
Mountain, Thomas A.Associate617.241.3081
Parkerson, Christopher B. Shareholder 617.241.3075
Porth, Meaghann C.Associate610.964.6393
Rogers, David M. Shareholder 617.241.3063
Rogers, Emily J.Associate610.727.5020
Schaffer, Michelle I. Shareholder 617.241.3102
Schwegler, Juliann Associate610.727.5015
Sullivan, Meghan M.Associate617.241.3172
Voke, Brian P. Shareholder 617.241.3042
Wang, Katherine A.Associate610.727.5012
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