Practice & Industry Expertise

Professional Liability

When faced with a claim of professional malpractice or negligence, your very reputation is on the line. Whether it's malpractice, shareholder grievances, breach of contract, or other issues affecting your professional reputation, Campbell Trial Lawyers apply years of experience in the field of professional liability defense and we work with lawyers, doctors, real estate brokers, accountants and many other professionals who have been accused on misconduct. The firm also provides a full range of services to the insurance industry.

Demonstrated Experience

Legal Malpractice
Oftentimes, clients who suppose they should have received a larger settlement, won at trial despite great odds, or accrued other benefits as a result of their legal actions accuse their attorney of malpractice when the expected result doesn't occur. Defense of claims of malpractice not only involve the alleged malpractice itself, but also the substantive law governing the subject matter of the underlying transaction or case. Whether the claim relates to a trial that has been lost, or corporate, real estate or probate matters, Campbell Trial Lawyers deconstruct the difficult issues of causation and damages to defend your reputation.

Medical Malpractice
As at August 2011, it is said that 70% of all doctors will be sued in their lifetime, with about 22% of those claims resulting some form of payment of damages. Given this incredible statistic, it's good to know that someone has your back. The trial attorneys at Campbell Trial Lawyers have extensive experience in this area of practice and have helped numerous medical professionals avoid onerous penalties.

Directors' and Officers' Liability
The past several years have shown that corporate officers and directors are an easy target when it comes to shareholder grievances and other claims. We understand that most officers and directors never expect to be faced with legal challenges and will work closely with you to carefully guide you through the process. Campbell Trial Lawyers have the experience to represent corporate decision makers in complex litigation in all federal and state venues, including regulatory agencies. We work closely with inside counsel to defend the conduct of their corporations and their officials and to pursue damage claims on behalf of injured corporations. We also represent insurers on coverage issues arising under liability policies. We represent corporate directors and officers in a wide variety of situations related to matters of corporate governance and have handled numerous cases that involved claims for breach of fiduciary duty against them.

The firm provides a full range of services to the insurance industry, including the defense of medical, legal and other professional malpractice actions from coverage analysis to litigation strategy and management and alternative dispute resolution. We have also handled cases involving insurers demanding recovery of fees for defending claims where the officers and directors were convicted and not innocent as they claimed.

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